Pastoral Support at BIS

Our pastoral care programme aims to ensure that each student’s personal growth and well-being is not only looked after but is encouraged to develop throughout their tenure at the school.

We aim to:

  • Create, through team building, a sense of belonging to a productive community.
  • Develop awareness of and coping skills that address bullying. The school has zero tolerance approach to bullying.
  • Identify where intervention is needed to support academic and social needs of the students.
  •  Celebrate achievement, acknowledge positive contributions.
  • Provide guidance around studying, relationships, post-16 pathways and opportunities.
  • Provide focused and personal counselling for students.
  • Provide good role models for life within the school and beyond its walls.

The form tutor provides the first line of pastoral support within school. Small groups of students led by an experienced tutor ensures that each pupil is guided through their day to day schooling. These tutors are supported by senior pastoral staff, our designated safeguarding lead teacher (DSL) and the school counsellor.