BIS intake is non academically selective. Our entrance tests is used to identify particular strengths and to ensure that the pupils who join us will be comfortable with the pace and level of our lessons.

At BIS we are committed to “every pupil, every day in every lesson”. That is that each student is on an individual pathway to make the very most of their inherent strengths and every lesson must be tailored to maximise the progress of that pupil. Our classes, which average 14 in size (4 in Sixth Form) and Form groups of 8 pupils allow greater time to meet the needs of each pupil. For boarders this academic support is extended into the evenings with teaching staff present during prep sessions.

BIS is rightly proud of its examination results which frequently out-perform schools which are selective in their intake. However, it is our VALUE ADDED results in which we take most pride. Value added results compare what each pupil would have gained if they had gone elsewhere to what they did achieve at BIS. By a commitment to tailoring our teaching to the specific needs of each pupil we know that we are able to ensure that each pupil maximises their potential.

Entrance Examination:

“BIS makes use of Durham Universities CEM assessments as part of its admissions process. Details of the entrance examination together with sample questions will be available in this section in the weeks prior to the examinations being conducted. Dates for admissions examinations are detailed in the admissions section of this website.”